'Smart' Homes For the Do-it-Yourselfer

The Boston Globe have published a piece on Home Automatoin...

"Automated security doesn't have to cost thousands of dollars - Every so often, Michael Brennan will get an e-mail while he's at work, letting him know that something's going on at his front door, 30 miles away. Usually, it's a deliveryman leaving a package. Occasionally, it's a neighborhood kid using Brennan's driveway as a bike ramp.

But more often than not, it's a bird. Brennan knows this because he simply dials up a website that's connected to his house to see a snapshot of his door taken by a security camera. "I've got a lot of good bird pictures," said the 34-year-old software engineer. "They'll fly right up to the camera and look at it."

No problem, though, he said. He's happy to catalog the many bird species that live in Greater Worcester, as long as the disruption isn't due to a burglar

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