1 Inch Square Pinhole Lens Camera
You'll be amazed by the picture quality of this easy-to-use tiny 1 inch square camera. The pinhole lens makes it easy to conceal. With only a small 1/16" hole necessary for viewing, the PVSquarePin miniature camera can be placed anywhere. It is the best hide-able camera we offer, in fact; these cameras are the basis for every Pre-manufactured Hidden Camera we offer.

Solid and reliable, these little cameras are real work-horses. They can funtion for you as regular security cameras, easily mounted in plain sight with the included mounting hardware.

Lux rating of .01, so you will get a quality image in very low light

The pinhole lens needs only a 1/16' hole to produce a wide 90 degree field of view. That's the size of the hole at the tip of a ball-point pen!

CCD chip technology to produce an amazing 420 lines (B/W) of resolution (380 lines Color) for crystal clear images sharper than most camcorders

Record easily to any VCR, or check out our digital video systems and PC computer cards to record digitally.

Comes with 25' video cable. Longer cables available, or go wireless with one of our optional adapters.

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