14 Inch 4 Camera Color Quad Monitor
This great new monitor gives you a wide array of features, and the convenience of a built-in real time color quad processor. Infrared remote control lets you control all quad functions from a distance-- zoom, freeze, full screen mode and more. On screen menus make set-up easy. Date, time and security camera position are superimposed on the screen. PIP features give you the flexibility of designating a 3/4 view and inset, and even viewing VCR footage on the PIP while keeping an eye on the rest of your cameras. Built-in speaker and full array on inputs and outputs. Back panel switch toggles this unit between PAL and NTSC video modes. Size is a compact 13.5 wide X 12.5 high X 13.5 deep. Draws 68 watts of 110 volt AC power. Comes with power cables, easy hook-up instructions and a 1 year warranty.
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