16 CH Digital Video Recorder

The DVR-1600RW is a standalone, embedded digital video recorder for 16 channels of video and 16 audio channels with a built-in web server for remote network access. Utilizing MPEG-4 compression for high speed network transmission and better storage rates, the advanced DVR-1600RW can record real-time video up to 30 frames/sec for each channel for any surveillance need. This DVR can handle up to 8 large capacity IDE HDD’s inside with expansion capabilities for external storage of 12 additional HDD’s. With the built-in CDRW, the DVR-1600RW allows digital video and audio recordings to be copied to a CD for external storage or law enforcement agencies as evidence.

The DVR-1600RW recorder comes equipped with an 160GB HDD, power supply, remote viewing software and instructions.


  • Simultaneous 16 channels video recording and 16 channels audio
  • Video motion detection with programmable sensitivity and threshold settings; 192 configurable detection areas per channel
  • Remote live monitor, remote playback and remote configuration over the internet
  • lectable compression mode: MPEG4 constant bit rate, MPEG4 variable bit rate, MJPEG (1 to 15)
  • Triplex operation: live view, record, and playback simultaneously
  • Pan-tilt decoder support through RS485 port
  • Dimensions: 22W x 22H x 9D in
  • Standalone unit, embedded Real-time operating system
  • 8 internal IDE ports for a maximum of 8 large capacity hard disks.
  • 8 channel external alarm input; 3 channel alarm output
  • 30 frame/sec per channel video recording (480 frames/sec total)
  • Pre-event recording for alarm and motion detection events
  • Built-in web server eliminates need for special software installation
  • Multiple recording modes: manual, scheduled, alarm trigger, motion detection

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