21st Century Locks joins IDLink Systems Reseller Network.

21st Century Locks, LTD., adds biometric Fingerprint Access Control Systems from IDLink Systems to their range of biometric solutions to provide an affordable, and secure, solution for all size of enterprises.

Columbus, Ohio July 13, 2004 -- 'Business and Government organizations have traditionally used card based systems to control physical access to their facilities, said Rob van Gils, VP Sales & Marketing,21st Century Locks, LTD.'

'With a growing need for security in these increasingly uncertain times we need to re-examine whether these card based systems are providing the level of security that is required.'

'Card based systems have two major drawbacks - security and cost.'

'With a card based system anyone who has the card can gain access, whether or not they should have access.' he said.

The advantage of a biometric fingerprint access system is that access is granted on who you are, not on whether you have the card. Unlike a card your fingerprint cannot be forgotten, lost or used by another person.

'The other disadvantage is that of cost. In addition to the initial cost of the cards there are the added costs of controlling and managing the cards. Each time a new person requires access a new card must be issued and then enrolled in the system. When a person leaves the organization their card must be cancelled in the system. There are also the costs involved with cancelling and replacing lost cards, said Rob van Gils.'

'The biometric fingerprint access control systems from IDLink Systems are suitable for any size orgnization and can be scaled to suit your needs. he said.'

For further information contact Rob van Gils, 21st Century Locks Ltd, Phone: 614.209.9364 or visit us online at http://www.21stcenturylocks.com/resellers.htm for further information.

About: 21st Century Locks, LTD. is a Columbus, Ohio, based start up company specializing in fingerprint and digital keyless door locks and deadbolts for homes, offices and small business. They are also an authorized reseller of Panasonic Authenticam? Iris Recognition cameras and SecureSuite? computer security software.

About: IDLink Systems is a leader in the distribution and manufacturing of biometric solutions and applications for the international market. We provide a complete range of innovative biometric products & solutions catered for Physical access security, IT security, Time & Attendance applications and Comprehensive Biometric Identification turnkey solutions.

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