24 Hour Real Time 1280 Hour Time Lapse Security Recorder ( VCR )


Security recorder VCR - This product is advanced with high-quality and audio/video capabilities designed for serious CCTV, industrial and educational recording. Records in color and black-and-white.

Price good until March 31st or while supplies last.


  • One VCR Cable (KO-750)
  • 24 Real-time/1280 hour time-lapse recorder
  • 2 Female RCA to Male BNC adapters
  • User Friendly on-screen programming
  • Continuous recording at 20fps in L18 hour mode (24 hours with T-160 tape)
  • Audio recording up to 40 hours using a T-160 tape
  • 31 day battery back up
  • Variety of search and playback functions via jog dial/shuttle ring
  • Multiple language menus
  • 1 year limited warranty on parts & labor, 6-month limited warranty on heads

  • Inline Microvideo Camera
  • Color Weatherproof lipstick Camera
  • Digital 8 Camcorder Cassette
  • 12?Smoked Dome w/ 24?x 48?ceiling tile insert
  • Audio Module
  • Monochrome CS-Mount Videocam
  • Wireless B&W Outdoor Flood Light Camera
  • Camera Mounting Bracket (White)
  • Black and White security cameras wireless decoy smart choice exxis camera ultrak
  • Outdoor Infrared Illuminator
  • One Thousand Foot Cable (1000)
  • Security Camera Companies and products