352Hosting.com Launches New Services

In an effort to increase customer service and provide better support, 352Hosting.com has launched a variety of new services!

February 22, 2005 -- To people who know web hosting, 352Hosting means quality. 352Hosting.com prides itself on a hard-earned reputation for reliability, both in customer service and support. 352Hosting's management has the utmost integrity and realizes the importance of customer satisfaction in a service industry.

The web hosting market is highly-saturated with fly-by-night organizations offering unreasonable and unreliable services in order to quickly gain market share. However this kind of company cannot survive in an industry where customers expect quality.

352Hosting is and has always been committed, first and foremost, to high-level service and support. 352Hosting has survived the rise and fall of many "hosts of the month." The future will only see this comapny improving upon its already stellar offerings and continuing to operate in a responsible manner so as to ensure future success.

352Hosting is stability. 352Hosting is reliability. 352Hosting is integrity. 352Hosting has taken extreme measures to ensure that its servers are placed in the most reliable and proven facilities available. Currently 352Hosting's servers are currently located in two separate data centers in the US. All new shared hosting customers are being served from data center #2.

Facility Specifications
5,500 square feet of data center space Industry-standard hard floors and overhead wiring systems for better cooling capability and more secure cable infrastructure 22 ton air conditioning with independent compressors and cooling loops to enhance redundancy Centralized UPS with redundant battery cabinets (over 4 hours of runtime) Auto-activated 313 kVA standby diesel generator (24 hour runtime on current fuel supply--indefinite runtime with additional fuel) Restricted site access with closed circuit security camera system and integrated motion detection systems monitoring all building and data center entrances Advanced technicians on-site 24/7/365 Network Information
Redundant OC3c (155 MBPS) connectivity to both Verio and SAVVIS (Cable & Wireless) backbone networks.

Cisco 7206 VXR border router with NPE 400 with redundant backup 7206 VXR on standby Cisco 3550 Catalyst backbone switch Hewlett-Packard Procurve distribution switches Complete network IDS (Intrusion Detection System) monitors data and network security transparently through an optical tap Network administrators on-site 24 hours a day

Here is a complete list of new services being added: http://www.352templates.com/groups/index.php

Please contact us if you have any questions.
Thank you,
Peter Ferigan

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