4 Channel Digital CCTV

"New from Digital Cybermasters Ltd is InControl Quadcam, a USB-based four camera home CCTV system with full X10 support. Selling for just ?99.95 including a FREE full colour CCTV camera, InControl Quadcam connects to your PC via USB so there are no complicated capture cards to fit, no messy cabling and very straightforward set up.

Out of the box, the system offers a sophisticated array of CCTV security features, transforming even the humblest Windows PC into a state of the art digital multiplexing CCTV and home automation system offering timelapse and event-driven digital recording and playback, incident notification by SMS* and email, sophisticated scheduled and event-driven X10 home automation control and REALTIME viewing of your cameras via the Internet*.

With an InControl Quadcam system in your home, you can"...

* Protect your home, family & possessions!
* View, record & playback video from up to 4 low-cost CCTV cameras!
* See your home LIVE and in REALTIME across the Internet!*
* Control up to 256 X10 devices from your PC!
* Get SMS security alert messages sent direct to your mobile phone!*

InControl Quadcam is supplied with all you need to get your PC-based home CCTV system up and running - we even include a FREE full colour CCTV camera and 18 metres of camera cabling! For just ?99.95, you can enjoy the following benefits...

* Uses weather-proof cameras for indoor and outside use!
* Program your home's lighting to react to alarm activations!
* Video motion detection and PIR alarm triggers!
* Uses multifunction cameras with built in PIR sensor and microphone!
* Timelapse and event-driven digital recording!
* Supports up to four multifunction cameras!
* See all four cameras onscreen at once!
* Manual, event-driven and schedule automation control!
* Works via USB - makes installation a breeze!

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