4 Input Digital Video Recorder
Stand Alone DVR

This DVR is ready and very able to take the place of your old, dusty security VCR. The 4 channel inputs are compatible with all of our video cameras or your existing system (contact us for proper connections) . Slim design and easy to use on-screen menus make this the easiest DVR to operate, even for the beginning user. Built-in, upgradeable 80gig internal hard drive saves your security video without the use of tapes.

Remote Video Surveillance

If you need to monitor your home, office, business, boatshed, or whatever then this is the system for you. Whether you're in the next office or across the world, the ability to monitor your property is easy as long as you have an internet connection. The built-in Ethernet card allows you to assign a specific IP address to the DVR for remote monitoring.

4 Video Camera Inputs

Use from 1 to 4 camera inputs for video security recording. If you don't need 4 cameras right now, don't worry. The extra inputs will be there for you when you do. Standard BNC type connections allow you to use most industry standard CCTV cameras or with the use of a variety of adapters you can use any camera you choose. Loop out connections let you connect separate monitors or recorders if you wish.

Alarm Inputs, RS-232, RS-485, and Ethernet Connections

Compatible with most alarm systems or do-it-yourself sensors, with the use of external switches or controls you can create an air-tight video security system. The industry standard RS-232 connection lets you connect this DVR directly to your computer. The RS-485 input allows you to control cameras remotely and the Ethernet connection puts it all together on your network and the internet if you wish.

Various Recording Modes

Versatility is the key to a successful DVR system. That's why we give you the ability to select which recording mode is right for you and your situation. Choose from continuous recording, alarm recording, or motion sensing recording. The length of time you can record on a single hard drive varies based on how you use your recorder.

Enhanced Motion Sensing Capability

Each camera can be setup individually for custom motion sensing. In the motion sensing setup screen you are given the option to select and de-select areas you wish to record and those you don't. This feature is a true disk space and time saver. Record only activity and not boring blank space.

Multiple Monitoring Methods

You have total control on how you view each camera while recording and playback.

  • Full Screen & Quad - view each camera individually on the entire screen or in quad mode where each video image is divided into 4 sections.
  • Zoom - magnify video images on screen to enhance identification
  • PIP - Picture-in-picture allows you to select a single camera for full screen monitoring while allowing you to watch a single camera or sequencing cameras in a small box in the corner of your screen.
  • Sequence - gives you the ability to watch each camera in full screen mode sequentially. Time delay per camera is adjustable.

Remote Camera Control

RS-485 interface lets you control most types of remote cameras via the internet or network. Contact us for details.

60 FPS Top Record & Playback Speed

Fully adjustable record & playback speed gives you the freedom to choose how much disk space you use while achieving the best possible video picture.

Upgradeable Hard Disk Drive

Should you ever need more hard disk space, installation is very easy. You can add or replace the internal hard drive with just about any hard drive available at your local computer store. Up to 5 hard drives can be used with this system and multiple manufacturer drives will not interfere with each other.

Comprehensive Technical Support and Warranty

Feel safe knowing we have you covered should you EVER have any questions or trouble with the operation of your DVR. Backed by our comprehensive 2 year warranty.

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