4-Camera, 24Volt AC, Power Supply

Camera power supply for up to four, 24Volt AC cameras. They are ideal in any multi-camera installations, avoiding the need of finding, or providing, an electrical outlet for each camera, while providing significant advantages over multiple plug-in transformers in safety, convenience, neatness and cost. All of our camera power supplies include self-restoring SmartFuses. These react like a glass fuse but reset themselves when the surge has passed or fault is removed, eliminating costly service calls to replace blown fuses. In addition, built-in surge suppression protects your cameras from transients. The PS-2440 consists of a transformer in a metal can, complete with flying leads and a 6-foot long line cord. (8 camera model image shown above)


  • Ideal for multi-camera installations
  • Suitable for a variety of camera applications
  • Self-contained power supply for up to four, 24Volt AC cameras
  • Dimensions 7.0W x 8.0H x 3.5D in

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