4-Camera Home CCTV Bundle

Now you can protect, control and automate your home *AND* save money with the new InControl Quadcam four camera bundle from DCM. For just ?49.95, the bundle features an InControl Quadcam system complete with a full set of four full colour CCTV cameras (one supplied free). Now you can maximize the effectiveness of home CCTV, giving you the power to watch over four places at once! And best of all, this bundle represents a saving of ?8 over the combined retail price of the same items when purchased separately!

With the InControl Quadcam bundle, you can use the power of your Windows PC to protect, control and automate your home with ease. Whether you want to watch over your car or keep an eye on the kids, InControl Quadcam delivers high-end functionality for a lot less than you think! Now you can...

* Protect your car from vandals and thieves!
* See who is at the door!
* Watch over the children whilst they play!
* Protect your Garden Shed and other outbuildings!
* See your home LIVE from anywhere in the world!
* Get security alerts direct to your mobile phone!
* Deter intruders with automated lighting!
* Record and replay video evidence!
* Control and automate X10 devices!
* See what抯 happening in four places at once!

The InControl Quadcam bundle is supplied with everything you need to get your PC-based home CCTV system up and running...

* InControl Quadcam Hub
* 4 x Full colour CCTV cameras with integral PIR sensor and microphone
* 4 x 18 metres of camera cabling + mounting brackets
* InControl Quadcam Receiver + Transmitter software
* 100-page manual + quickstart guide
* 20 FREE remote connections

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