5 Hour Telephone Surveillance Recorder

  • World's smallest totally automatic telephone recorder
  • 5 hours recording on a single MC-90 micro cassette
  • Dual speed operation aids in place finding
  • High quality modified Panasonic micro cassette recorder
  • Includes batteries, MC-90 micro cassette, duplex plug and connector cable

Small and Stealthy

If you're looking for a small telephone surveillance recorder the SW5000 is a good choice.

No Battery Drain

For single line applications, this recorder offers extended play time, and no battery drain while waiting for a call. Excellent sound quality and reliability. Utilizes a 100% surface mount control board, which senses line activity and instantly starts recording whenever any extension on line is in use and stops upon hang-up.

Special "audio enhancing circuitry" improves caller audio signal. Even in most "bad connection" situations, your conversation will be recorded loud and clear!

It looks just like a $20.00 tape recorder I can buy at the store!

Yes it does. But if you've taken a peek around our website then you know that looks can be deceiving. We actually take an off-the-shelf tape recorder, put it through a rigorous training program, toughen it up a little and re-package it.

Once the recorder goes through our boot camp it may look the same on the outside but on the inside it is changed forever. This is not your average recorder.


Our Drill Sergeants (Technicians) take this one hour tape recorder and turn it into a lean, mean, single line telephone recorder with line activation, audio amplification, and real time monitoring unit. You will be proud to own this one.

Slow Speed Modification

So that the recorder will record for 5 hours (3 1/2 hours per side) we use components that slow the record and playback speed considerably. You will be able to leave this recorder unattended and not worry about running out of tape.

Line Activation Circuitry

So that you only record what you want to hear we add circuitry that detects when the handset is lifted and when it is replaced. You will NEVER have to worry about "dead air" or listening to silence (unless someone leaves the phone off hook). Simply plug the recorder into an available jack, press record, and walk away.

Record ANY Phone Feature

We know that you can't be everywhere at once. That's why this unit has the ability to record any extension on your analog phone line. If you have the recorder setup on your bedroom extension and have a conversation on the kitchen phone don't worry. It will be recorded too.

Yes, Cordless Phones Too

As long as your cordless phone is attached to the same line that the recorder is, you will have no problem recording calls while relaxing in your easy chair.

Audio Enhancing Circuitry

There are times when you can barely hear the person on the other end of the phone and nothing can be more frustrating than having a recorder that can't pick that up. With our proprietary voice enhancing circuitry you will capture those "low talkers" like a pro.

Optional Players Available

Since this recorder is modified it is necessary to play the tape back with this unit or in one of our optional players. You cannot play the tapes back with your normal tape player. Most customers choose to invest in an additional player so they can listen to tapes in their car or away from home or office.

Re-record Adapter Available

At some point it may be necessary to transfer the audio from your 12 hour telephone recorder to a regular cassette recorder or to your computer. With our exclusive re-record adapter you will be able to transfer the audio to any recording device with a microphone or auxiliary input jack.

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