512MB CompactFlash Card - Security Camera User Rating
Manufacturer: Sandisk
Model: SDCFB512768
: Number of User Reviews: 13

Reviewed by: music77057 from TX on Dec 6, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: This is a great CF card. Love how many pictures it can hold and the quality of the pictures are great!

Weaknesses: None so far.

Summary: I use this card in my Canon A95 and it can take up to 198 pictures at the best quality. This is my first digtal camera and 198 pictures is about 8 rolls of film. Love how light weight it is. Really recommend the card!

Reviewed by: pdaegun from CA on Sep 17, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: It's good choice and quick delivery..

Weaknesses: No weaknesses so far

Summary: I got sandisk 512MB for my digital camera and so happy to choose pricegrabber and zipzoomfly..
It was quick service and on time delivery..


Reviewed by: chen168 from IL on Oct 21, 2004

Experience: 10 Days

Strengths: Excellent Price

Weaknesses: None Apparant

Summary: this card cautiously after the poor review by one one user above. Well, it worked just fine with my Canon A70. Took over 370 pics in very high resolution and also AVI clips with no problems etc. The card has worked flawlessly. Would buy again.

Reviewed by: bobcaponera on Nov 13, 2004

Experience: 25 Days

Strengths: Very reliable memory card.

Weaknesses: None

Summary: I took 97 pictures in Italy and still had plenty of room for many more pictures. Having a 512MB memory card ensures that you will not run out of space while out taking pictures.

Reviewed by: onestep7681 from CA on Nov 3, 2004

Experience: 2 Weeks

Strengths: The strengths of 512MB CompactFlash Card is that it can hold lots of pictures.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: 512MB CompactFlash Card is very light and it can hold hundreds of pictures. Also the price of this card is very reasonable. The card was delievered on time and I'm very happy with this product.

Reviewed by: Thvor from VT on Dec 30, 2004

Experience: 2 Months

Strengths: Huge.

Weaknesses: None yet.

Summary: I've been using this in my Canon A85, and have no complaints about it. Taking full-resolution pictures (4.0 megapixels), I can still fit about 240 pictures on one memory card--far more than I need. I do periodically take video as well, but the memory card still has plenty of room.

Reviewed by: findle from IN on Oct 18, 2004

Experience: 1 Weeks

Strengths: Large capacity, fast read speed and low price

Weaknesses: None

Summary: It works with my Cannon Powershot S60. The capacity is enough to hold more than 300 high resolution pictures. After I bought the CF card, I almost took pictures everyday, and need not worry about the space for it. High speed, hight quality, but a killer for this price. You just can not go wrong with the purchase.

Reviewed by: ge0rgec on Aug 16, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: Reliability

Weaknesses: Maybe a bit higher-priced than the low-end brands.

Summary: I've used SanDisk, and I've used other brands. SanDisk has never failed nor operated unreliably. Other brands I've bought (to save money) have sometimes failed at the worst possible time. For example, on a vacation with scores of pictures stored in the memory. Not a good time to have a failure and lose all those memories. So I decided to not cut corners on the quality. SanDisk has never caused me any problems. I can't rate the support staff at SanDisk because I've never needed their help.

Reviewed by: mariachin from OH on Aug 11, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: This CF card looks nice, and got it cheaper because I bought it online.

Weaknesses: I don't have anything to complaint about ^_^

Summary: It works with my new canon s500 digital camera. It can take up to 198 pictures of the best and highest resolution, and about 700 something pictures for the lowest resolution. I have had this CF card for about 2 days now, and very pleased with its performance so far. Well, what have I to complain about, with the 5-year warranty that comes with it? I highly recommend this product to digital camera users who own CF-digicam.

Reviewed by: myxp from NY on Jun 8, 2004

Experience: 20 Days

Strengths: Fast read and write speed. High capacity large enough to use.

Weaknesses: Maybe not the fastest card. Pretty high price.

Summary: This 512MB CF card can meet all my requirement for digital camera, and even a memory stick (with my USB CF reader). It can hold around 450 high resolution photoes. And I am happy with it.

Reviewed by: mklafehn from IL on Jul 3, 2004

Experience: 1 Days

Strengths: Great card, fast access. This card is a very high quality card as it all SANDISK products I have purchased. Would purchase more like this card in the future.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: Great card, fast access. This card is a very high quality card as it all SANDISK products I have purchased. Would purchase more like this card in the future.

Reviewed by: danandhelenw from MN on Nov 28, 2004

Experience: 30 Days

Strengths: Great high quality card.

Weaknesses: NA

Summary: We took many good quality pictures while we were on our trip and had room for many more. The card is easy to access and transfer pictures from. Would buy another like it.

Reviewed by: helioshsieh from NY on Oct 30, 2004

Experience: 2 Days

Strengths: fast read/write

Weaknesses: None so far...

Summary: It works great in my creative muvo2 mp3 player...It's quite fast and reliable on replacing a 4gb microdrive..
The price is fine and the capacity is sufficient to me.

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