A creative do-it-all
From the labs of Creative Technology comes the PC-Cam 300 that tries to do everything - still pictures, video, voice recordings and more.

While it does these well, this entry-level camera produces images that cannot be compared with those taken by higher-end devices.

At the highest resolution, each picture is just 640 pixels, and takes up about 40 KB of storage space. This means the 8 MB of onboard memory can take about 130 pictures.

The camera is well-designed - it has a sturdy, ergonomic feel and sits snugly in your hand in both vertical and horizontal positions.

It is easy to use for those who are familiar with the universal icons adopted by many camera makers, such as the "lightning" icon for flash photography.

The strength of the camera is not so much the device itself, but what it can do when hooked up to a PC and the software that Creative provides.

The PC-Cam 300 has a collection of supporting software - everything from camera drivers and interfaces to picture editing and stitching applications, Web editors and a 3D-animated music video editor.

The bundled software also gives the PC-CAM 300 a video capability that allows video conferencing via Microsoft NetMeeting.

It can also work as a security camera, recording short videos of any movement in its field of view.

However, you have to install all the software separately.

Perhaps the Creative software engineers could cook up a simpler, more customer-friendly installation process.

The PC-CAM 300 is a low-priced entry-level camera. If you can accept the lower resolution pictures that it serves up, you'll find it a lot of fun to play with.

Tried and tested: Great software package and easy to use

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