ADT Unveils Portable Safety Services Using GPS Technology
ADT Security Services, Inc., a unit of Tyco Fire & Security, today launched MobileSafety, a portable Global Positioning Satellite system (GPS) locator and safety device for vehicles that gives both drivers and their loved ones peace of mind when they are on the road. The device provides drivers and passengers inside the vehicle with access to 24-hour emergency services, including the ability for ADT to locate the vehicle and call for help in an emergency. In addition, it enables family members to log-on to their own private ADT Trak website and locate the vehicle in seconds, anytime they choose.

MobileSafety is the first product in ADT's new Mobile Security Network, a new family of protective services to help people stay safe when outside the home. Using both GPS and cellular technologies, the MobileSafety system can help locate monitored vehicles with impressive accuracy. Through two-way voice communication, users can connect with trained professionals, who can summon emergency personnel, an emergency contact or roadside assistance, if needed.

"For years, ADT has helped people feel secure in their homes," said Mike Snyder, president of ADT Security Services, Inc. "Now, with the launch of ADT's MobileSafety products and services, ADT can provide affordable security for people outside their homes. With Americans frequently spending hours a day in their cars, having 24-hour-a-day access to assistance while on the road can help give them added peace of mind."

Snyder said that as people look for ways to improve the layers of security in their lives, ADT's MobileSafety service can provide reassurance that loved ones are not alone while traveling. With the MobileSafety service, trained professionals can be alerted to the monitored vehicle's location in the event of an emergency. Parents can also locate teenagers and other family members who are driving after dark, traveling or away at college, Snyder added.

ADT MobileSafety customer Martha Talley is more confident about her 17-year-old son Jackson going places securely with ADT's GPS product.

"As parents, we typically worry about Jack, especially when he is driving at night or returning home late. I like the extra layer of protection that MobileSafety offers," Talley said. "Our son has a cell phone, but sometimes he forgets to take it with him or it's turned off or the battery is dead. This device is dependable, and it's there for him if he gets into difficulty on the road and it's there for us if we need to locate him."

MobileSafety Components The MobileSafety system is comprised of a portable unit that plugs into the cigarette lighter and can be placed on any monitored vehicle's dashboard. In the event of an emergency, a user can activate the hands-free speakerphone by simply pressing a red button located on the device. That action can connect the caller to a 24-hour monitoring center where trained professionals can inform emergency personnel - police, fire, or emergency medical services - of the vehicle's location. The monitoring center can also notify an emergency contact or even provide directions to the nearest hospital or animal clinic, or can call a roadside provider or automotive service.

The MobileSafety system uses GPS technology, enabled by a fleet of satellites orbiting at various points around the earth, to help determine the latitude and longitude of a monitored vehicle. Its two-way voice communication system provides a link to the ADT Monitoring Center that can also provide travel information or directions if the driver is lost.

"My family and I used this when we went on vacation," said Sue Keith. "We put it in our vehicle, and we were able to get directions to all the places we wanted to visit. With a two-year-old in the car, it was important to us to have specific directions and the MobileSafety system really met our needs and made us feel safer too," Keith said.

ADT TrakSM ADT Trak is a Web-based locating option for the MobileSafety unit that family members can use to locate their loved one's monitored vehicle. Users simply log-on to a personalized and secure website and the location of the MobileSafety device will appear on an easy-to-read map. The ADT Trak service also offers a satellite photo option that gives a bird's eye view of the road, showing a digital satellite visual image of actual streets and buildings. Users can also access this website to find directions to another location from the current location of the monitored vehicle.

Pricing and Availability The ADT MobileSafety unit costs $99.95, plus $29.95 for activation, shipping and handling. There is also a monthly monitoring fee of $19.95, which includes 24-hour emergency services, including both emergency GPS locating services and calls to police, fire, ambulance or roadside provider. It also offers emergency contact information or directions to the nearest hospital or animal clinic.

ADT MobileSafety and ADT TRAK service is available by contacting your local ADT office, by calling 1-800-739-8866 or via the Internet at

About ADT Security Services, Inc. Celebrating its 129th anniversary, ADT Security Services, Inc., a business unit of Tyco Fire & Security, is the largest single provider of electronic security services to six million commercial, government and residential customers throughout the United States. ADT's total security solutions include intrusion, fire protection, closed circuit television, access control, critical condition monitoring, electronic article surveillance and integrated systems. ADT's website address is

About Tyco Fire & Security Tyco Fire & Security, one of the major business units of Tyco International Ltd. (NYSE: TYC, LSE: TYI, BSX: TYC), designs, manufactures, installs and services electronic security systems, fire protection, detection and suppression systems, sprinklers and fire extinguishers. Tyco Fire & Security consists of more than 60 brands, which are represented in over 100 countries. Its products are used to safeguard firefighters, prevent and fight fires, deter thieves and protect people and property.

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