AXIS 211 Network Camera
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The AXIS 211 Network Camera is designed for professional indoor and outdoor security surveillance and remote monitoring. It provides superior image quality using progressive scan and offers built-in support for Power over Ethernet, motion detection and advanced event management. An F 1.0 Varifocal (3.0 - 8.0 mm) automatic DC-Iris lens is included.

The AXIS 211 delivers Motion JPEG images at up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions up to 640x480. It will also be able to provide both full frame rate Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 video streams simultaneously. Support for MPEG-4 will be offered as a free downloadable upgrade available in Q3 2004. MPEG-4 compression mode is ideal for applications where available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required.

The AXIS 211 connects directly to an IP network. With a built-in Web server, the AXIS 211 enables remote monitoring over a local area network or the Internet using a standard Web browser.

With built-in support for Power over Ethernet, the AXIS 211 is able to receive power through a network cable, which reduces installation cost and enables users to increase their security by consolidating the power source to a central location. The AXIS 211 fully supports the IEEE 802.3af standard and works with compliant midspans and switches. With Power over Ethernet, an Axis network camera can be set up in a way that enables it to continue to function even when there is a power failure. See Using Power over Ethernet.

Backed by the industry's largest base of application software for video and alarm management, the AXIS 211 is an ideal choice for securing offices, shops and other facilities.


  • Superior image quality using progressive scan CCD sensor
  • Varifocal DC iris lens with a light sensitivity of 0.75 to 500,000 lux
  • Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af)
  • Up to 30 frames per second in all resolutions ranging up to 640x480
  • Supports simultaneous Motion JPEG and MPEG-4 streams (where available bandwidth is restricted and higher frame rates are required)
  • Built-in video motion detection with pre- and post-alarm buffers, in addition to 1 alarm input and 1 alarm output
  • Scheduled and triggered event functionality with alarm notification via e-mail, TCP, HTTP, and upload of images via e-mail, FTP & HTTP
  • Capability to insert privacy masking, custom logo or overlay image in the video stream
  • Up to 20 viewers can directly access the camera simultaneously; virtually unlimited viewers if streamed through an application server
  • Security: multi-user level password protection for restricted camera access, plus IP address filtering
  • Easy installation using AXIS Internet Dynamic DNS Service or the Windows-based AXIS IP Utility software.

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