Access Control Devices Burglar Shed Alarms

Accessory product for the SALKT40B Dual-Powered Wireless Burglar Alarm System. Use on doors or windows where you may need additional protection from unwanted intruders.


  • Battery powered (included)
  • Transmission range of RF signals up to 100 feet
  • Wireless installation

  • Weatherproof Infrared Cam
  • Kindargard Cabinet Latch 00103 home security product
  • Color Day and Night Camera With IR LEDs
  • 3V Lithium CameraCR123A Battery
  • 300W ATX PSU
  • Professional Universal Modulator
  • Covert Button Camera
  • Outdoor PIR Motion Detector
  • Worldwide Digital Camera Adaptor
  • Audio Module
  • Color CCD Micro Camera
  • Security Camera Related Information