Alphatel Tron - Home Security Instantly Alerts You By Cell Phone Message
Alphatel Corporation - Alpharetta, Georgia ?Alphatel Tron connects home security to your cell phone; it keeps you in-touch with your home while at work. It抯 like having a security guard at your house while you抮e away.

Security has been a growing part of American life, especially since September 11. To aid with the growing concern of home security, Alphatel Corporation has developed Alphatel Tron, a unique system that will monitor your home a send messages to your cell phone.

Alphatel Tron sends messages to your cell phone or office Email when something urgent or important happens at your house: a warning or alarm message can reach you immediately.

The system uses (RF) wireless motion sensors that send you a message when someone enters your house by either door or window. You can use multiple motion sensors to completely secure every room in your entire house.

At a recent demonstration, Alphatel Tron抯 internet 搇ive?streaming video feature was used to watch someone going through the front door of a home mile抯 away. In 20 seconds the home owner received the message 揌OME ALERT! DOOR OPEN!?displayed on his cell phone.

Alphatel Tron uses X10 to communicate with other household devices. You can control these lights and appliances from a remote computer over the Internet and have these appliances send messages to your Cell Phone. An Alphatel Tron customer said 搃t keeps me in-touch with my home while I抦 at work? Another said 揟ron is like someone watching my home when I抦 away?

With Alphatel Tron you can control appliances in your house from any remote computer anywhere in the world! And with the WebCAM feature you can watch the light come on in your house 搇ive?over the Internet!

Alphatel Tron can remotely monitor and E-mail you event notification(s) triggered by the two-way X10 interface. With additional hardware you can remotely monitor wireless motion sensors, wireless door sensors, or any other X10 device. With Alphatel Tron you can be notified via E-mail when your front door opens, garage door, back door, gate, or window opens, or any other X10 event. Alphatel Tron will notify you when any X10 device, switch closer, motion sensor, light sensor, or (wireless) panic button is triggered.

The Alphatel Tron X10 control selection allows you to identify each X10 device module event that Alphatel Tron will monitor. You can enter a description and E-mail message for the X10 events being monitored, for example: 揊ront Door?or 揋arage Door.?

You can enter the description and the E-mail message for up to 256 X10 events being monitored, for example: 揊ront Door?or 揋arage Door.?When Alphatel ME (Monitor Event) detects an event, it will tell Alphatel Tron to notify you by sending an E-mail message. You can E-mail X10 Events directly to your cell phone by entering your phone or PDA E-mail address. Any X10 device can be monitored for an E-mail Event and any message can be sent when that event occurs.

Alphatel Tron Features:

A slim line wireless motion sensor transmits RF signals to Alphatel Tron RF receiver or any other X10 security system base receiver. Wireless motion sensors make occupancy detection easy. Simply attach to the wall with screws or self-adhesive strips.

A secondary function sends a lights on signal when it gets dark and then off again when it gets light. This allows Alphatel Tron to also control lights at dusk and dawn.

Since this motion sensor sends radio signals, an RF X10 Wireless Receiver Module is included to convert the wireless radio signals to X10 commands for the electricity lines.

Also, a small keychain 4 button remote to control X10 appliances that can also be used as a panic button with Alphatel Tron.

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