Anti Surveillance Bug Scanner - Detect Hidden Cameras
Is someone secretly watching you?

Tiny wireless cameras and microphones can be placed anywhere in just seconds. These hidden cameras are being found with ever increasing frequency by people like you around the world. Thousands are in use right now but never found.

Find hidden wireless cameras and microphones in:

  • Hotel Rooms / Changing Rooms
  • Dorm Rooms / Bedrooms / Tanning Rooms
  • Apartments / Homes
  • Offices and Board Rooms

The new Anti Surveillance Bug Scanner is proven to detect wireless hidden cameras and microphones and will help protect you from spying eyes in any private or unfamiliar area. Is there someone spying on you?

Anti Surveillance Bug Scanner Features

Outstanding performance in a small package. Keychain sized detector with telescopic antenna sniffs out hidden wireless cameras fast, assuring your privacy. Red light flashes faster as you get closer to the hidden camera. HI/LO buttons allow you to check out the entire room, then "home-in" on the bug.

When we tested this anti surveillance bug scanner we were skeptical because of it's low price and small size. Let me tell you, this is one of the best we've seen. Not to be outdone by larger, more expensive units, this one is a true industry leader. We were able to detect one of our own wireless hidden cameras at 12 feet while other bug scanners had to be nearly on top of it to detect it.

Don't wait until it's too late. Once they have you on tape, that's it!

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