Applications: U.S. Olympics to install Garrett Metal Detectors
Applications: U.S. Olympics to install Garrett Metal Detectors

Sep 1, 2000 12:00 PM

Garrett Metal Detectors, Garland, Texas, has signed an agreement with the Olympic Properties of the United States (OPUS), Salt Lake City, the joint marketing effort between the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), to install and service metal detectors at the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Garrett will also service the U.S. Olympic Training Centers in Colorado Springs, Colo., Lake Placid, N.Y., and Chula Vista, Calif.

Supra Products, Salem, Ore., has completed testing its TRACcess Access Control Products at an altitude of 11,600 feet in Jungfrau, Switzerland. The system has controlled access to a Swisscom research and weather station since September 1999. "We have created TRACcess devices to be able to withstand the day to day, common elements as well as the not so common," says Stan Earnshaw, vice president of the commercial products division.

CoStar Group, Inc., Bethesda, Md., has selected RSA Security, Bedford, Mass., to provide authentication technology for CoStar's e-LockBox. The partnership will allow commercial real estate professionals using CoStar Exchange to secure sensitive sale listing information.

The Japanese Defense Agency, Tokyo, has installed multiple bollard systems from Delta Scientific Corp., Valencia, Calif., at the entrances and exits of its new 57-acre headquarters. "Each of the systems at the Defense Agency consists of a row of bollards that use hydraulic or pneumatic power to quietly raise and lower together to control access and prevent vehicle attack," says David Dickinson, senior vice president of Delta.

The city of Long Beach, Calif., has installed CrossingGuard, a video-based automatic red light enforcement system from Nestor Traffic Systems, Inc., Providence, R.I., an affiliate of Nestor, Inc. The system will combat the problem of red light running at three high traffic intersections. For each red light running incident, CrossingGuard records from multiple camera angles, offering close-up color images of the front and rear license plates as well as the driver's image.

View Systems, Englewood, Colo., has installed SecureView-4 remote access digital video systems in three public high schools. Police can wirelessly access recorded and live video footage from a system in Fairfax, Va., through laptop computers in their cruisers. Live footage in a Detroit school can be monitored by the administration through their desktop computers. Cameras in a Md. school use motion sensors to trigger recording of school entry and exit during off-hours, when most school vandalism occurs.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has installed the OnGuard Total Security Knowledge Management system from Lenel Security Systems, Rochester, N.Y., in JFK, La Guardia and Newark international airports. The OnGuard system provides alarm monitoring, access control, ID credential management and other system interfaces in an integrated environment, allowing security personnel to determine and control access to specific areas of the airport. Any attempt by an unauthorized individual to access an area activates an alarm indicating the time and exact location of the attempt on the security's officers work station.

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