Avcen Limited

Avcen based in London, England, seeks an investor to help it manufacture a new Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing range of twin-engined six-seat passenger jets and two Unmanned Aerial Vehicle UAV variants based on the same design. The new range of innovative jets are called Jetpods and will be used as city-centre air-taxis, personal jets, air ambulances and for military purposes. The Jetpod U-500 UAV has been designed to search for and actually recover one person into an-onboard climatised payload bay area, and in any weather day or night.

London, England October 26, 2004 -- Avcen Limited is seeking an investor to help bring its innovative Jetpod into production. The Jetpod is a Very Quiet Short Take-Off and Landing (VQSTOL) light passenger civil and military twin-jet range of aircraft and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) variants that will now come off the drawing board and into proof of concept flight trials.

The Jetpod can cruise at 300 knots (350 mph, 550 kmph) and only requires an incredible 125 metres (410 feet) to take-off or land using a combination of horizontal and vertical thrust. Avcen has developed advanced noise attenuation technologies to reduce the noise output of any existing engine manufacturer`s relevant sized 3500 lb thrust jet engine by up to two recognised Stages or Chapters of jet noise. Therefore, standard jet noise can be reduced by as much as 50%. The aircraft will sell for less than one million US Dollars. Avcen`s Managing Director says "We are expecting a great deal of interest from around the world in this new form of transportation that will see STOL strips opening up inside world-class cities." The military M-300 is well suited to 4-man special operations rapid egress, battlefield command-and-control, fast extraction of wounded troops, and on-board Aircraft Carrier operations without the need of a catapult or arrester gear.

Avcen has also developed two Unmanned Aerial Vehicle variants based on the same design that can maintain a hover at determined fuel loads. The UAVs can fly in any weather day or night. The U-500 is capable of rescuing one person remotely under the control of base-station operatives some 300 miles away. Rescuing a person remotely in this way has never been done before. The U-600 has been designed to carry out autonomous light resupply, construction and engineering repair tasking along-side oil rigs, large ships, high-rise buildings and other very remote scientific stations, e.g. Arctic.

Super noise attenuated quiet (Q) thrust. A reduction of up to two chapters (or stages) of jet noise. 125 metres take-off and landing distance. Unique horizontal and vertical thrust management. 300 kts high-speed cruise. Built for multiple daily sectors. Very rugged tricycle undercarriage with dual wheeled bogeys. Wide rear clamshell doors with walk/run-in foot-ramp. All round safety redundancy. Non-pressurized. Single pilot IFR capable but designed primarily with VFR in mind. Wide-bodied fuselage with high cabin ceiling and recessed foot-well. Standard synthetic terrain-mapping display *see criteria. Warm-surface anti-icing. Full reverse thrust. Twin-engined, high-thrust safety. Lightweight instrument T-Pack all EFIS display. Side-stick flight controls. Extra-large passenger windows for viewing and increased ambient light. Spacious 6-seat layout, including pilot. Standard external overhead camera to monitor traffic and view engines. Bird impact tested. Engine intake bird impact and debris protectors; Excellent front, overhead and through floor viewing for pilot(s).

Low-cost, free-roaming, multi-sector, low-level, very quiet, city centre air-taxis. Personal, low-noise countryside Transpeeder on grass or roughly prepared dirt strips. Fast mover of Corporation staff to multiple localised destinations. Military utility, 300 knots high-speed cruise from battlefield to rear echelons. Military or civil surgical air-ambulance (run-straight-in stretcher). Military 4-man special forces team expediter - rapid ingress/egress. Onboard Aircraft Carrier operations without the need for catapult or arrester-gear. Day, plus very late/early hours city courier. Quiet night surveillance operations, Customs and Coast Guard. Free-roaming homeland security over major cities at 45 kts loiter, 300 kts chase. UAV search and actual one person in-hover recovery into payload bay. UAV light construction and engineering repair tasks, oilrigs, ships, tall buildings. UAV all weather low-level tasking, desert, arctic, mountain, over-sea, fire patrol.

We believe that the Jetpod represents one of the greatest advancements in aircraft design and related technologies since the Learjet in the 1960`s. The Jetpod is completely out on its own when it comes to reducing aircraft noise and take-off distance. The Jetpod truly has a number of sustainable competitive advantages.

Potential buyers of the Jetpod can email Avcen with their level of interest, without obligation, or the requirement to place a deposit until six months prior to delivery.

Avcen is currently seeking a private investor to help it accelerate the aircraft into production. "Here is an excellent opportunity for a single investor to take as much as 50% of the Company for a relatively small amount of money. Not only is the financial return potentially huge but there is the added satisfaction of participating in bringing a superb aircraft into production" says Dacre the Managing Director. Afterwhich, the Company will go Public via a London AIM Stock Market Listing. See: www.avcen.com

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