Axentra Net-Box
Axentra's Net-Box One was awarded the "Best of Show" at CES for the Smart Home category.

"Net-Box™ is an all-in-one, pre-configured Internet gateway, firewall, web, email and file server. Net-Box™: easy to set up, complete, powerful, expandable, friendly, and affordable!

So simple! - Our user friendly Net-Box™ is the world's first all-in-one home network appliance. Everything you need comes pre-installed and pre-configured. With no prior networking experience, you get going in just a few minutes!

Really compatible! - Net-Box™ is at the heart of your home network. It seamlessly integrates Windows, Mac and Linux PCs, laptops or mobile computing devices such as PDAs.

Net-Box™ application services like file storage, file sharing, email or calendaring are fully compatible with the most popular OS platforms and applications such as MS-Outlook, MS-Entourage, Apple iCal or Mozilla.

Peripherals such as printers and USB hard drives can be accessed and shared over your network via your Net-Box™

With Wi-Fi compatibility, Net-Box™ allows you to network new kind of home entertainment devices such as wireless digital media players...

Net-Box™ removes the complexities and cost barriers associated with home networking.

With Net-Box™, you can:

  • Set up your home network in just a few minutes with Net-Box™'s wizard driven setup
  • Easily manage your entire home network from one integrated web-based toolbox
  • Network all your computers together (Net-Box™ is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible)
  • Expand your network with built-in wireless (802.11g) access point features
  • Share your broadband connection among all your computers
  • Create and control your own email addresses
  • Keep hackers and spammers away from your network and your email
  • Host your website and publish your photos and videos to the world
  • Share your printers among all your computers
  • Backup and synchronize your desktop files with your Net-Box™
  • Access your files from anywhere from any platform
  • Enjoy a fully integrated web-based productivity suite featuring email, contacts, calendar, file management, file sharing, photo publishing, notes and more!
  • Use any IMAP email clients and LDAP PIM applications such as MS-Outlook, MS-Entourage, Netscape, Eudora Mail, or Mozilla to connect to your Net-Box™'s email and address book server"

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