B&W Bullet Camera w/ bracket & power supply

  • Weatherproof

  • Crisp, Clear surveillance

  • Very inconspicuous

  • Simple installation

FREE AC Adapter and Bracket

What is a bullet camera?

If you're looking for a small surveillance camera that doesn't sacrifice quality or features then look no more. This bullet camera will give you an excellent black & white video image for years. Use as a stand alone camera attached to your regular VCR or TV or add it on to your existing CCTV system. We have the adapters and cables to make it work with almost any system.

Weatherproof - install it anywhere

Rubber O-Rings at both ends of the cylinder protect the internal circuits from damage due to moisture and dirt.

Tough Metal Enclosure

The metal housing on this camera will protect your investment from use and abuse.

0.5 LUX Low Light Illumination

Low LUX level for use in dimly lit environments. Think sidewalk or pathway lit by a streetlight or floodlight. You will get a very good image even after dark.

Automatic IRIS

Camera adjusts itself to varying light conditions. From sun up to sun down, the IRIS will adjust for the best possible picture.

380 TV Lines of Resolution

Camcorder quality image with super sharp details make this bullet camera a winner in any book. Don't settle for anything less than the best.

Included Accessories

A swivel mounting bracket and 12 volt power supply is included in this package. Just select the length of cable you need and you're on your way to owning one of the best bullet cameras money can buy.

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