Barix Simplifies Whole House Audio with Command Cubes

Command Cubes, The SMART Home Jukebox has added support for Barix EXStreamer(tm) series devices, providing system installers and consumers a powerful yet affordable solution to multi-zone audio.

SMART Innovations (creators of Command Cubes) has released the first beta version of this multi-zone jukebox software designed to support the Barix EXStreamer series products.

SMART Innovations will be implementing and modifying the software as options and comments are posted. For the next 30 days Command Cubes will be discounted at $10 (US) below its normal retail price. Barix users can purchase the full version now and receive free upgrades to all future releases after the beta period.

Barix and SMART Innovations are looking forward to continued relationship that will further enhance the products and services available from each respective company...

You're invited to download this beta version at the following URL:
Beta Download

Feedback is encouraged on the Command Cubes Support forum located here:
Command Cubes Support Forum

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