Black & White Pinhole Board Camera
Black & White mini CCD pinhole board cams can be placed in many everyday objects. Used for spy cams or surveillance cams. An extremely low LUX rating makes this camera ideal for low light applications.

This black & white pinhole board camera is the perfect product if you need a mini spy camera. The pinhole camera is a high resolution board style CCD camera in NTSC format. It's pinhole lens requires only a 1/32' to see and views targets or subjects clearly. This camera is ideal to use as a spy camera for concealment in covert locations and ordinary objects or props. The pinhole cams field of view is 92 deg., with proper placement it will view an entire room. If you need a spy camera for use in extremely low light situations, this pinhole camera has an low lux rating of 0.05 which means it can almost see in the dark.

Black & White Pinhole Board Cameras Specifications:

Image Pick-Up Device: 1/3" CCD area sensor
Picture Elements: EIA= 512(H) X 492(V)
Pixel Pitch: EIA = 9.6um (H) X 7.5um (V)
Scanning System: 2 : 1 Interlace
Resolution: 420 Lines
Minimum Illumination: 0.05 Lux
Pinhole Camera Format: NTSC
S/N Ratio: 45DB
Lens Mounting: 3.7MM
Video Output: 1.0 VP-P/750HM Composite Signal
Power Requirements: 8-12 VDC (9VDC Standard)
Power Consumption: 100mA
Operationg Temperature: -20C - + 70C RH 95% Max
Storage Temperature: -40C - + 85C RH 95% Max
Dimensions: 30MM (H) X 30MM (W)

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