Brink's Multifamily Security Self-Updating Alarm Panel
Brink's Multifamily Security has already released their new 3000 Series alarm panel, a system that automatically updates its own software and technology through a higher-speed internal modem. It is the most advanced alarm panel on the market, essentially providing hassle-free operation for property managers and residents alike.

More than three years in development, the 3000 series uses state-of-the-art flash memory technology for the self-updates. Every three months, the automated "check in" feature contacts Brink's computers for record, maintenance and software updates.

The panel will save property managers and maintenance personnel time and money, because it can be custom programmed for each resident's preferences, thus eliminating the need to trace and reuse former residents' codes.

Advanced telephone access will allow residents remote control of the system in the near future. An optional apartment automation device can control the apartment lights and thermostat - enabling residents to turn on their lights and set the temperature before they set foot inside their home.

"It provides the safety, security and convenience residents need and deserve, without the hassle of perennial upkeep and maintenance," says Brink's Multifamily Security senior manager, Charlie Warren.

Residents will enjoy many additional new features, including larger backlit buttons, the patented resident "alarm cancel" feature for false alarm reduction, one touch arming, integrated medical and police dispatch buttons, a resident programmable door chime, silent test feature and an optional LCD display.

"Our company is continually developing new solutions to make life easier and safer. We are excited about starting the installation process and putting the 3000 Series to work for property owners, managers and residents," added Warren.

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