CCD Digital Camera suits OEM applications

pco.1300oem Cooled Digital 12-bit CCD OEM Camera

This high performance 12-bit CCD camera, specifically designed for OEM applications, integrates the latest advancements in CCD and electronics technologies. At the heart of the camera is an FPGA processor allowing for sophisticated control and accurate timing of the CCD and associated electronics. In addition, a proprietary offset control algorithm has been developed which provides very high offset stability, regardless of ambient
temperature or signal changes ensuring accurate and repeatable quantitative data over long periods of time.

The pco.1300oem's most unique feature is its flexibility for customization to fit any OEM user application. ROI, binning, cooling, as well as other features of the camera can be selected and optimized to accommodate the application.

? excellent resolution (1344x1024 pixel)

? 12-bit dynamic range

? exposure time 5s to 1 hour

? internal frame buffer for continuous image capture (64MB min)

? excellent low noise of 8e- rms @ 10MHz

? selectable regulated cooling to -30oC vs. ambient

? standard interface IEEE1394a

? optimal offset stability and control (2 1 count)

areas of application
? HCS (High Content Screening) ? Cellular Imaging ? Microarray Imaging ? Hyperspectral Imaging ? Fluorescence/Chemiluminescence Detection ? Confocal Microscopy

technical data

unit setpoint pco.1300oem
resolution (hor x ver)1 pixel 1344x1024
pixel size (hor x ver) m2 6.45 x 6.45
sensor format/ mm2/ 8.9 x 6.71
diagonal mm 11.14
peak quantum % @500nm typical 65
image sensor Sony ICX285AL
Grade 0
maximum dynamic range dB 68
readout noise e- rms @10MHz 7-8
imaging frequency, fps @full frame 10.5
frame rate @ 20 MHz
spectral range nm 280-1100
dark current e-/pixel s @10oC typical <0.5
non linearity % full temperature <3
range @ 10MHz
trigger, input TTL level
"expose" / "busy" TTL level
power supply VDC 24V (20-28V)
mechanical mm3 105 x 120 x 105
dimensions camera
(w x h x l)
weight kg <1
optical input faceplate for
lens coupling
cooling method Peltier with forced
air cooling
[1] horizontal versus vertical
CCD Digital Camera suits OEM applications.

March 15, 2005 07:40 - Offering 12-bit dynamic range, Model pco.1300oem features FPGA processor, which allows sophisticated control and accurate timing of CCD and electronics. Offset control algorithm provides high offset stability, regardless of ambient temperature or signal changes. Camera provides 1,344 x 1,024 pixel resolution, exposure time of 5 s to 1 hr, internal frame buffer for continuous image capture, selectable regulated cooling to -30C, and IEEE1394a interface.

Company Information:
Name: Cooke Corporation, The
Address: 6930 Metroplex Drive
City: Romulus
State: MI
ZIP: 48174
Country: USA
Phone: 248-276-8820
FAX: 248-276-8825

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