CCTV Lens Chart and Information

Tips on CCTV Security Camera Lens selection by Promax Security

How to select a proper security camera lens in 3 easy steps and save money doing it?

1. Should I use Manual Iris, Auto Iris or DC lens?

  • You can save money and use manual iris lens only when scene illumination never changes. Example: illuminated store or office.
  • If the light changes a lot it is recommended using auto-iris.

2. What focal length lens do I need?

  • Guide: smaller the focal length number => wider is field of view. 
  • If you have securit camera in the office or warehouse and you want to see as much as you can, you should go for 2.8 or 4 mm lens (makes wide, somewhat distant view)
  • If you want to observe limited area, like entrance you should go for 8mm or  (makes narrow view and objects are closer).
  • Give us a call and we can help you determine what security camera lens will best suit your location.
  • Use varifocal lenses to get flexibility for choosing best field of view.

3: Order your security camera lens from Skyway Security. We have all the security camera lenses you will ever need!!

The CCTV security camera lens chart and field-of-view diagrams are designed to assist you in selecting the right lens size for your application. Please contact us if you require additional information or assistance. Keep in mind all of the security cameras we sell come equipped with lenses that will achieve 95% of your surveillance applications.

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