CCTV Mini Infrared Dome Video Security Camera

Our MD9-IR B/W CCTV mini infrared dome video security camera features a resolution of a super sharp 420 lines and low light rating is a stealthy 0.1 lux. It runs on 12 volts DC, and draw 130 milliamps. Convenient pan and tilt adjustments are located under the dome. The MD9-IR features a Sony 1/3" video chipset with auto electronic shutter for years of trouble free video performance.Comes with plug and play power and BNC video cables, 1 year warranty and 30 day money back guarantee. Legal Warning

  • 4" dome with 420 line, 0.1 lux color
  • Easy installation-- plug & play cables
  • Power consumption is 12 volts, 130 mA
  • Sony video chipset-- top quality performance
  • 1 year warranty & 30 day satisfaction guarantee

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