Apr 1, 1997 12:00 PM

Improved digital audio and RS232 capabilities work simultaneously with digital video transmission software version 9.01 from Dallas-based Prism Video and MOLE, a phone line digital video telesurveillance system. The new capabilities enlarge the list of third-party vendor systems that can remotely control cameras, PTZs and other peripherals, says Prism. The audio can be configured in one- and two-way modes and is compatible with Prism's Windows 95 system in which audio decoding is accomplished in software only.

An eight-page color catalog detailing video security equipment such as cameras, video monitors, VCRs and frame switchers is available from Toshiba America Information Systems, Irvine, Calif.

A catalog dedicated to coax cables is available from West Penn Wire/CDT, Washington, Pa. Features include: CATV products such as RG-59, RG-6, RG-7 and RG-1 indoor and outdoor burial types; indoor and outdoor UL- and CUL-listed CCTV products; pro video products, including Minimax, a miniature coax cable, RGB/SYNC 3 - 4- 5, precision and digital video coax cable; LAN computer products for Ethernet and Archnet systems; and communications/RF products, including RG-58 and RG-8. Many products are available in plenum, non-conduit types.

A removable, reusable memory cartridge system, added to the Intelligent Selection product, provides expanded storage capabilities and instant access to sorted, 800x200 pixel, 24-bit color and black and white images in less than 1 second, according to Kyle, Texas-based manufacturer Gray Electronics. The Iomega jaz 1 gigabyte storage system's proprietary software also provides purging routines that allow obsolete images to be removed from the network-compatible database delivered on the cartridge.

The 3 LCD Multimedia Projector model EDP-2100 meets the presentation needs of business professionals and educators, according to manufacturer Elmo Mfg., New Hyde Park, N.Y. It features optical integrator technology that is available using three active matrix Polysilicon LCD delivering 832x624 pixels (x3) images. The 500 ANSI lumens delivers colorful, clear images on small or large screens from 23 to 300 inches diagonal, says the maker. It has SVGA resolution of 800x600 dots plus compressed XGA (1020x768), VGA and MAC-16. It is equipped with a F3.6-4.1 multi-coated zoom lens.

The VST10CA plus and VST10 plus transmit color and monochrome images and audio communications over standard or digital phone lines. Made by Vision Systems, Hingham, Mass., for its ADPRO SiteWatch electronic security system, the VST line features asynchronous and synchronous data communications for connections of up to 192 kbps. The integrity of picture information is ensured by digital color images of up to 752x480 pixel (NTSC) and 928x576 pixel (PAL) and a light intensity sensitivity of 256 gray scale levels, says the maker. It also features automatic transmission and storage of 12 images from four separate alarm events.

Integrate alarms and relays with CCTV with Event Manager, a communications interface from Shepherd Surveillance Solutions, Manchester, N.H. Camera pan/tilt control and video switching are integrated with alarms and relays, enabling automated monitoring of indoor and outdoor events. High-speed scanning of alarms allows a PC to alert users of events, says the maker. The small, modular package supports the Patriot Series video surveillance system without additonal hardware or software and is Windows 95 compatible. A single Event Manager provides communications for up to 32 devices on an RS-485/422 network.

Watertight outdoor cameras operate in virtually any climate, says manufacturer Chugai Boyeki of Commack, N.Y. The CX Series features high-speed shutters and integrated varifocal lenses for focal length adjustment from 4-8mm. The anodized aluminum housings with integral swivel brackets are easy to install and tamperproof, says the maker. The cameras are also available in CS mount versions for 1/2- and 1/3-inch manual iris lenses.

A technology demonstrator and engineering evaluation system comprising a sensor, lens, A-D converter with digital video port, audio circuit, 8051 microcontroller, RS232 port and a 16x2 LCD with push button controls has been developed by Vision, Saratoga, Calif. Intended for the company's 5400 range of medium-resolution monochrome sensors and modules, engineers can use the demonstrator as an evaluation tool or to create their own prototypes.

For global compatibility, rack-mountable Trinitron color monitors accept PAL, SECAM and NTSC 4.43 standards and a universal power supply of 100 to 240v AC 50/60Hz, according to manufacturer Sony Electronics, Park Ridge, N.J. The SSM- 14N1U (14-inch) and SSM-20N1U (20-inch) fine-pitch color monitors feature more than 500 lines of horizontal resolution, auto beam current feedback for color stability, built-in speakers and on-screen prompting. They accept composite and Y/C inputs and NTSC.

A new adapter replaces coaxial cable with twisted-pair and carries high-resolution signals hundreds of feet, according to manufacturer Pinacl Communications of Elmsford, N.Y. The 8000 Series Adapters enable users to connect centrally located processors and other equipment to remote PC monitors, keyboards, CCTV cameras, video conferencing systems and market date service terminals over twisted-pair cable. Processor units can be kept in an environmentally controlled central location rather than at multiple locations, and users cannot introduce viruses and unlicensed software, according to the maker.

The V25 flush-mounted mini-dome camera is designed to be installed in a standard double-gang electrical box. From Silent Witness, Surrey, British Columbia, it extends 2 inches beyond the cover plate and is 5.2 inches in diameter. The steel housing and reinforced polycarbonate dome protect the optics, which offer color and monochrome images. The V25 is well-suited for indoor and outdoor locations where physical attack of the cameras is a potential problem, says the maker.

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