CCTV Portable Infrared Security Camera With LCD Screen

The DMV-3 delivers the power of night vision at a cost hundreds below the competition with our new day/night vision B/W CCTV portable infrared security camera with LCD screen. With it's built-in 3x digital zoom, it is possible to quickly search large areas of complete darkness. This amazing new camera gives you a sharp B&W 420 lines of resolution and an amazing "0" lux through the use of the 15 high power infrared LED illuminators. The built-in 2.5" LCD TFT monitor B/W video is perfect for drug enforcement operations that may take place down a long dark alley or any other poorly lit location. See over 100 feet in total darkness with the IR activated. Adjustable turbo gain and IR intensity. Additional CS-Mount lens can easily be fitted to the DMV-3. Use a wide-angle lens to cover more area, or quickly attach a zoom lens for the close-ups. The DMV-3 comes complete with our precision CML3-8MM lens and rechargeable lithium ion battery. Video output and tripod socket increase versatility-- use the DMV-3 as a day/night video camera, too.

Comes with day/night camera, lens battery pack with charger and a 1 year warranty

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