CCTV Product News
CCTV Product News

Mar 1, 1997 12:00 PM

Company News Gyyr, an Odetics subsidiary, has introduced ControLink, its first manufacturer-designed remote control system for Gyyr RS-232 CCTV peripheral equipment and other manufacturers' pan/tilt/zoom camera products.

The matrix switcher enables security directors to create a modular, scaleable system from a small site to a multi-regional network of secure sites managed by a single company, according to Gyyr.

With 256 programmable sequences, it manages the CCTV system locally using hardwire connections and remotely via phone lines. From a single ControlLink matrix, the system fast-forward searches, changes multiplexer screen views, zooms, dials up new sites, and controls other commands for up to four pieces of video management equipment. The eight- or 16-video-input switcher with two or four video outputs offers system programmed response from triggered activities.

For small installations, the 8/2 matrix can be connected to up to five peripheral units and eight cameras for local control, or the operator can expand the system in the field. Using the 16/4 matrix, the operator can control five peripherals.

Covertly record the area below with a small, 420 TV line, 0.1 lux CCD camera housed in a ceiling-mounted sprinkler head. The CTC88 Series from Visual Methods extends 3 inches below the ceiling, weighs 5 ounces and uses an 11mm lens and the CTC8808 wider angle 8mm lens. It can be rotated to choose a scene, and a small, moveable mirror positions the camera for close-up or distance viewing, according to Visual Methods. It comes with a chrome-plated housing, lens, mirror, camera and power supply.

A 20-inch Autosync RGB video monitor is rugged for harsh field environments, according to manufacturer Aydin Displays. It is available with an active magnetic cancellation system that makes it adaptable to Naval Surface Ship and Submarine applications where high electromagnetic fields (5 gauss) are a concern. Features include astigmatic focus CRT with 0.28mm dot pitch, resolution to 1280x1024 pixels, 19-inch mounting and a range of scanning frequencies.

Featuring a standard PCMCIA slot and serial port, Viewcom from DigiQuest is a remote digital surveillance system that operates at 28.8 and 33.6 modem speeds and at 80 KB/s on ISDN. It operates on 12 volts for mobile operation, and color images and sound transmission are standard. According to DigiQuest, cellular communication at 14.4 is possible with a clear signal.

Featuring continuous sequential recording, intelligent switching and fingerprint recording, the DigiEye from SyAC is an integrated CCTV system in one box. It provides a 16-input, four-output matrix switcher, a digital video recorder, motion detection on all connected cameras and image transmission over PSTN or ISDN lines.

Action Tracker, a motion detector used in England, has been introduced to the American CCTV market. According to manufacturer Primary Image, it takes out camera shake and reduces false alarms from natural movement caused by clouds and trees by learning the natural movements in a camera scene. In the event of a security breach, it alerts a guard, switches on a VCR or triggers a remote dial-up system. It also works with pan/tilt/zoom cameras.

CCTV Surveillance: Video Practices and Technology, a technical reference book written by Herman Kruegle, is available in softcover. The 450-page volume provides an overview of lighting, lenses, cameras, video signal transmission equipment, switchers, monitors, recorders and other CCTV hardware.

The 9610V, a digital drop-and-insert video communications system over single-mode fiber with reverse sync and control data (RS232 or RS422), is designed to serve perimeter monitoring applications in which video should be installed with minimal fiber runs, according to manufacturer Fiber Options. The system consists of a receiver/master control unit (MCU) capable of supporting up to 10 real-time video input signals from transmitter/remote units (RUs). RUs can be specified for up to 10-channel operation. Other features include: TDM and FM operation; laser light source; optical AGC circuitry; optional backup power supply; operational distance of three miles between nodes; and diagnostic indicators.

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