CCTV Wireless ATV Video Security Camera

This versatile B/W CCTV wireless ATV video security camera uses the popular AVX-434 Micro ATV video transmitter, combined with the high performance PC-51XP video camera in a tiny, high performance package. The pinhole lens makes covert installations easy. Range is up to 1500 feet line of sight. Transmitting frequency is 434 MHz (ATV band) which means it can be received by any cable ready television at channel 59 or just below channel 14 on most slide rule type tuning portable or pocket televisions. Size is .88 X .57 X .92 thick. Weighs less than 1 ounce, including antenna. Power requirement is 9 volts, 50 milliamps. Will operate for over 8 hours on a 9 volt battery or over 24 hours on an 8 cell AA battery pack. Please visit the FCC's Website for more information. Comes with instructions, pre-installed video/power cables, integral flexible whip antenna and 1 year warranty. Legal Warning

  • This product requires a Technician's class or higher Amateur Radio License to operate. Please visit the FCC's Website for more information

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