CMOS Board Camera: Under $30.00
We must be crazy pricing this board camera below $30.00! Act fast before we come to our senses. A great introductory camera for beginners or for the person who understands a great deal when they see it.

CMOS board cameras have come a long way in the past year and this camera is proof of that. Just 1.25" square, this board camera is a great deal all around.

Super Small
While it's not THE world's smallest, it comes close. Just 1.25" square, the camera can fit into just about any micro or hidden project you can think of. We routinely use these in some of our hidden cameras as well as on our own personal remote control airplanes! If you need a good R/C hobby camera that won't break your budget and can be replaced for under $30.00, look no more.

The Details
With 280 lines of resolution you won't be able to read fine print on a page but you will be able to see a clear image that rivals all other CMOS cameras available for twice as much. With it's 3.6mm lens you get a 35 degree field of view which is ideal for most surveillance applications. With 1 Lux lighting requirement this CMOS camera will work perfectly in regular room lighting conditions.

New CMOS technology makes sure that there is low smear so your images don't look like some cheap 1960's homemade video. With blooming suppression, built-in auto shutter, auto gain, and auto back light, changing from regular light to sunlight conditions will not render the camera useless for 15 seconds like with other models.

Built in plug-n-play cables let you attach this CMOS camera to your TV or VCR with RCA type inputs. It will operate on a 12 Volt power supply, sold separately as well as a 9 volt battery for up to 48 hours! How's that for low voltage R/C remote control airplane power consumption?

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