CNC Software ensures file security
CNC Software ensures file security.
CNC Software ensures file security.

January 29, 2002 13:24 - WebDNC v2.0 handles Computer Numerical Control technology, while protecting network security. Shop floor operators can request G-Code and PLC programs, tool lists, tool offset values, program status, job schedules and other needed information from network server without full access to network. This eliminates operators using incorrect NC files.

Old Fashion Control with Today's Technology

webDNC 2.0

The introduction of Personal Computer (PC) based machine tool controls has added new capabilities that can increase your shop floor production, but these new technologies have also introduced some challenges that can bring production to a costly halt. Because shop floor machine operators have open access to the network, engineers lose control of Direct Numeric Control (DNC) and Numeric Control (NC) file security. When files are
unsecured, an operator can use an incorrect NC file and cost your company thousands of dollars in lost production time and wasted material.

WebDNC 2.0, a new release from Real Vision, Inc., gives control for file security back to the engineer. Designed to handle the latest in Computer Numeric Control (CNC) technology, webDNC protects network security. Shop floor operators can request

* G-Code, and PLC Programs
* Tool Lists
* Tool-Offset Values
* Program Status
* Job Schedules
* Other Needed Information

from the network server without full access to the network, protecting you from costly mistakes and keeping your production at top efficiency. Marie Atwell, Vice President of Technology at RealVision, states, "We are keeping it simple so the engineers have the same control as in the past. With the simplification of the RS232, the manufacturers need webDNC so they do not lose production control."

Who's in control? With RealVision's webDNC, YOU are.


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