Cable Translator simplifies security system installation
Cable Translator simplifies security system installation.
Cable Translator simplifies security system installation.

February 20, 2002 09:38 - TRL-4 supplies 12 Vdc power for up to 4 cameras using same RG-59 coax for video. Each unit comes with 4 converter boxes to separate video and power at camera. TRL-4 supplies maximum of 200mA of 12 Vdc power per output.

TRL-4 Cable Translator

Polaris Industries announces the release of their TRL-4 cable translator. This high quality CCTV component gives you the ability to supply 12V DC power for up to four cameras using the same RG-59 coax for the video. Streamline your installation. This system will allow you to install 4 cameras in half the time compared to installing separate power for each camera. Each translator comes with four converter boxes in order to separate the video and power at the camera. The TRL-4 supplies a maximum of 200mA of 12V DC power per output. The cable translator makes installation of security systems easy and more affordable. This unit is in stock and ready for shipment from Polaris Industries, Inc., Atlanta, GA for $189.95.

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Company Information:
Name: Polaris Industries, Inc.
Address: 470-T Armour Dr. N.E.
City: Atlanta
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