Camera Detector - 5MHz to 3GHz
5HMz to 3GHz Detector
Perfect for quick sweeps and detection.

Are you sure you're alone in that tanning bed?

This guy was...

It could happen to you.

Using a camera detector is the only way to be sure you are not being watched by wireless hidden cameras. You read about, hear about it from friends, and see it on TV. In some distant state, or right next door, some pervert has taken technology intended to bust criminals and turned it against an innocent person.

How many times have you wondered?

Is there a camera in there? That hole looks strange... I wonder if someone could be watching me.

Find out for sure, now! Hotel rooms, tanning beds, dressing rooms, and guest rooms are all perfect hiding places for video cameras. All it takes is a few minutes and your image could be internet fodder for thousands to view worlds away.

With this special camera detector you can carry your own countermeasures team in your pocket. Before you disrobe or relax, simply flick the switch and wave it around the room, covering all the corners and ceiling, light plugs and electrical outlets, to be sure there are no wireless cameras hidden from view.

Simply switch unit on and move around room. Unit will beep and the LED will flash upon approaching anything emitting an RF signal. Great for use in tanning solons, public restrooms, or other places that privacy is expected.

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