Camera Lens handles varied lighting conditions
Camera Lens handles varied lighting conditions.
Camera Lens handles varied lighting conditions.

September 11, 2002 08:34 - Fast 3.0-8 mm F/1.0 aspherical extended-range Vari-Focal lens for 1/3 CCD cameras has dynamic aperture range of F/1.0 - F/360, making it suitable for surveillance. Dynamic range allows just one lens to be used in area where lighting conditions may change drastically, yet image quality can be constantly maintained. Lens construction is optimized with multi-coating to eliminate flare and ghosting, ensuring high-resolution, high-contrast picture.

Tamron Announces New Fast 1/3 3.0-8MM F/1.0 Aspherical Vari-Focal

New Tamron 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Vari-Focal Offers Tremendous Versatility in a Variety of Lighting Conditions

ISC East, Orlando, FL, August 14, 2002: Tamron announced a new 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Aspherical extended range Vari-Focal lens for 1/3 CCD cameras. The new lens is perfect for surveillance since it performs superbly in both indoor and outdoor lighting conditions thanks to its Super Dynamic Aperture Range of F/1.0 ~ F/360.

The lens provides excellent image quality in a variety of lighting conditions. From dusk and into the night, and in dark indoor locations, its fast F/1.0 maximum aperture provides remarkable image quality. The lens performs just as effectively under burning midday sun since the aperture stops down to F/360. Tamron has developed a new ND Filter (patent-pending) that makes picture quality better at this minimum aperture for excellent bright light imaging. This dynamic range allows just one lens to be used in an area where lighting conditions may change drastically during a 24-hour period, yet excellent image quality can be constantly maintained.

The maximum aperture of the new lens has another important benefit in that 1-lux cameras can attain a versatile minimum lux of 0.5 when used with the new 3.0-8mm F/1.0 over standard F/1.4 lenses. Additionally, while most lenses in this category provide a smaller maximum aperture at the 8mm telephoto setting. Tamron's shift to just F/1.4 at 8mm is minor in comparison.

The new lens construction of the Tamron 3.0-8mm lens is optimized with superior multi-coating to eliminate flare and ghosting, ensuring a high resolution, high contrast picture. This is especially critical when used with today's digital recorders that require significantly higher quality input than video recorders; video has a maximum output, regardless of the input quality whereas a digital recorder can output exactly what is put in making lens quality extremely important.

Since it offers an expanded wide-angle setting from the standard 3.5mm to a wider 3mm, the lens is more versatile for security applications. This seemingly small change in millimeters offers a change in angle-of-view of 20 degrees over standard models and provides the integrator with more than a 90 angle of view.

The 3.0-8mm fits easily into housings due to its compact size at only 1.6 inches (40.2mm) long. Tamron enhanced the lens over previous models by making it remarkably smaller and by adding locking mechanisms for iris (manual version only), focus and zoom. The lens also incorporates a new Slip mechanism. Additionally, the lens is environmentally friendly since it uses lead-free soldering and lead-free glass.

Tamron's new 1/3 3.0-8mm F/1.0 Aspherical Vari-Focal comes in three models: Manual iris, DC auto iris and Video auto iris.

List Price:

Manual Iris (model 13VM308AS) $68.00

DC Iris (model 13VG308AS-SQ) $98.00

Video Iris (model 13VA308AS-SQ) $132.00


Focal Length 3.0-8mm
Maximum Aperture: F/1.0
Aperture Range: F/1.0 - 360
Optical Construction: 8 Groups/ 8 Elements (1 Aspherical Element)
MOD: 8.8 inch (0.2m)
Overall Length: 1.6 inch (40.2mm)
Models: 13VM308AS-Manual Iris
13VG308AS-SQ-DC Auto Iris
13VA308AS-SQ-Video Auto Iris

Lisa Keller Public Relations Supervisor
Phone: 631-858-8409

Company Information:
Name: Tamron USA Inc.
Address: 10 Austin Boulevard
City: Commack
State: NY
ZIP: 11725
Country: USA
Phone: 631 858 8400
FAX: 631 694 1414

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