Camera System comes with attenuators and beam splitter
Camera System comes with attenuators and beam splitter.

January 18, 2005 07:51 - BeamStar FX Beam Profiler CCD Camera is available with variable attenuator option that provides control over 4 orders of magnitude from 350C1,100 nm wavelengths. Attenuation is variable from microwatts to watts. Beam splitters include UV grade fused silica wedge beam splitter that fits onto camera and another splitter that stands alone on adjustable stand. Latter allows camera operation up to 2 W, while former allows operation up to 40 W.

New Variable Attenuators and Beam Splitter for BeamStar FX Beam Profiler Camera System

Wilmington, MA December, 2004...Ophir Optronics, Inc. announces the introduction of a Variable Attenuator option and Beam Splitters designed specifically for use with the BeamStar FX Beam Profiler CCD camera.

The variable attenuator provides control over 4 orders of magnitude between wavelengths 350nm and 1100nm and is especially useful for pulsed lasers. The attenuator easily mounts on the front of all BeamStar FX series cameras. Simply slide the variable attenuators to get perfect attenuation for almost any laser from microwatts to watts.

BeamStar FX series beam splitters include a UV grade fused silica wedge beam splitter that fits onto the BeamStar FX camera and another splitter that stands alone on its own adjustable stand. Each splitter reduces the laser beam intensity by approximately 20 times.

The stand-alone splitter will allow camera operation up to 2 watts, while the camera mounted splitter will allow operation up to 40 watts. A two-stage splitter will allow the camera to operate with lasers up to 800 watts.

About Ophir Optronics, Inc.

For more than 25 years, Ophir Optronics, Inc. has set the standard for the measurement of laser power and energy. Ophir, an ISO 9002 company, employs over 200 engineers, technicians and skilled workers. The company manufactures optical instrumentation, optical components and non-contact optical equipment for distance measurement and three-dimensional mapping of objects. The company's products are sold worldwide in over 25 countries. Ophir maintains marketing, sales and service centers in the USA, Japan, Israel and Germany.

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