Camera provides laser measurement of 3D shapes
Camera provides laser measurement of 3D shapes.
Camera provides laser measurement of 3D shapes.

November 15, 2002 07:40 - Ranger M50 measures 3D shapes at rates up to 10,000 profiles per second. Camera is based on company's image sensor with 1536 x 512 pixels. With resolution of 4.8 m in height and 19 m in width, 8.5 in.2 can be inspected per second. System includes linear laser and camera, with 3rd dimension calculated by triangulation. Applications include inspection equipment to measure volume of soldering paste and food industry.

Laser Measurement of Three-Dimensional Shapes - Now Even Faster with Next Generation

The IVP Ranger M50 is the latest generation of cameras from IVP Integrated Vision Products that measure three-dimensional shapes at a rapid rate. Using a patented scanning method, the equipment can be used for test measurements, reading up to 10,000 three-dimensional profiles a second. The camera is based on the company's new image sensor with 1536x512 pixels, three times more pixels than their previous sensor.

The camera is intended for customers that develop inspection equipment within different fields.

Such as for measuring the volume of soldering paste used during the manufacture of printed circuit boards. This paste must be applied very carefully at the soldering points to ensure that the connections between the components and the board are correct.

With this new camera, the volume can be checked at each soldering point with great accuracy and at full production speed. With a resolution of 4.8 micrometers, (0,19 Mil), in height and 19 micrometers, (0,75 Mil), in width, 55 square centimeters, (8,5 square inches), can be inspected per second.

The IVP Ranger is also used within the food industry, such as for checking the shape of cookies and hamburgers, or the volume of fillets of fish. Within the forestry industry, the technique is used to measure the shape of a log before the optimal cuts are calculated. Applications are developed by the company's customers, either independently or in collaboration with the company.

The system is comprised of a regular linear laser and a camera. The third dimension is calculated with the aid of triangulation. The laser traces a line on the object while the camera scans the line from another angle, recording a curve that follows the object's height profile. The deviation from a straight line provides a measurement of the height of the object. As the measured object passes the laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the entire object is created. Inside the camera we find a patented image sensor with 1536 integrated microprocessors, one for each sensor column, which is cited as the explanation for the rapid measurement speed achieved.

"Our new M50 is eight times faster than the older generation Ranger, which was already the fastest in the world,' says market manager Anders Murhed.

IVP Integrated Vision Products was established in 1985 in order to sell, market, and further develop the intelligent, rapid image sensor that the company developed. In recent years, the company has profiled itself within the field of 3D measurement. The head office is located in Linkoping, Sweden, but customers are found throughout the world.

Caption: IVP Ranger's new generation M50 for rapid measurement of three-dimensional shapes is said - with its ability to make 10,000 profile measurements a second - to be the fastest on the market.

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General Information:
Karl Gunnarsson
Phone: 425-483-9669
FAX: 425-483-5509

Company Information:
Name: IVP, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 1276
City: Woodinville
State: WA
ZIP: 98072
Country: USA
Phone: 425-483-9669
FAX: 425-483-5509

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