Car Video System with Wireless Audio
Our new portable in-car video system features the highest quality components, excellent engineering and the ability to set up in under three minutes in any vehicle. Just plug the DC power cord into the vehicles cigarette lighter. Mount the active matrix high resolution TFT color monitor on top for easy viewing. Attach the easy windshield mount high resolution low light Supercircuits PC-33C video security camera and clip the long range wireless transmitter and microphone to your belt. Insert the VHS tape and youre ready to go. Recording can be started manually from within the car or remotely from the wireless transmitter (ICVS-1 system only). This system is built around our high performing PC-33C color camera and the Sony DL-224 Mobile VCR. Records up to 24 hours per tape. New economical ICVS-2 system features the VCR-12-4 and records up to 8 hours per tape. Camera has 3.5MM-8MM varifocal zoom auto iris lens which makes it easy to adjust for optimal field of view. Exposure setting is 100% automatic. The wireless microphone system is a high quality, long range industrial design with remote VCR start capability. You get great versatility with this system. Move it from car to car with ease or use with other Supercircuits cameras for undercover surveillance. Perfect for DUI enforcement!
  • Quality RJ11-E CAT5 RJ-45 cables and adapters
  • 4-Camera, 24Volt AC, Power Supply
  • Cable Connector Installation Kit for Secondary Monitor
  • Color Microvideo Pinhole Camera
  • Indoor motion detector PIR
  • Flexible Web Camera
  • W02M
  • Mace safety flasher 80242 personal security product
  • Inline Microvideo Camera
  • Covert Color Wired Clock Radio Video Security Camera
  • Wireless Power Line Video Transmitter
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