Cell Phone Hidden Camera

Hidden Camera Cell Phone

This Nokia style, non-functioning, cell phone has a built-in hidden camera and wireless video transmitter that sends color video to the included receiver up to 300 feet away. Used in sting operations and for evidence gathering, this hidden camera is the real deal.

Professional Quality Hidden Camera
With 380 Lines of Resolution you will get a good, clear video image that you will be proud to present in court. Network television producers agree that this hidden camera is an invaluable asset to their reporting. Private investigators uncovering insurance fraud using this hidden camera can't believe the quality.

Self Powered and Very Stealthy
The camera looks out the upper right side of the phone so you can easily put it up to your ear and pretend to be talking while you're actually collecting that hard to get video footage. A rechargeable lithium battery pack will operate the hidden camera for up to 6 hours and comes with it's own charger. A convenient on/off switch is located on the bottom of the phone for easy access.

Video Receiver Connects to your VCR or Camcorder
The video receiver comes with an AC adapter and a 12 hour, AA battery pack for portable use. Designed to be used with your existing camcorder (with video inputs), your VCR, or our Micro DVR. This hidden camera does not record to itself. You must have an external recorder if you want to record the video. Most professionals use our Micro Digital Video Recorder tucked away in a purse, bag or briefcase.

Sorry, audio is not available.

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