ClearOne IDCam identification document camera

ClearOne IDCam identification and security camera

IDCam desktop identification and security camera with a 16mm lens primarily for photo identification applications such as student IDs, corporate security cards, membership cards or guest passes. Designed to sit conveniently on a desktop or work station, it has a 2-inch gooseneck and a focal length of between 11 and 50-inch.

It has a flexible 18-inch gooseneck, 60 degree swivel head and 16 mm C-mount lens that allow it to be precisely positioned for proper head and shoulder framing between four to eight feet. The IDCam also features an S-video connection.

The integrated microphone and preamplifier expand the IDCams functionality to include full presentation and recording capabilities.

Price: ?490 + VAT + delivery  Buy online

Delivery charge: ?20 + VAT

Price including VAT and delivery: ?599.25

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