CoVi and ObjectVideo Team for HD-Enabled Object Tracking

CoVi Technologies, a developer of high-definition video surveillance solutions, has partnered with ObjectVideo, Inc., a developer of intelligent video surveillance software, to enable rules-based object tracking utilizing the CoVi EVQ-1000 HD video surveillance camera.

The unique zoom-under-picture (ZUP) and Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom features of the EVQ-1000 combined with ObjectVideo VEW intelligent video surveillance software enables simultaneous widescreen and zoom views of areas of interest, creating true situational awareness and PTZ capability with a single camera system.

ObjectVideo VEW detects, identifies, classifies and tracks objects in real-time. The software then generates real-time alerts when predetermined, user-defined security rules, such as a person crossing a virtual tripwire or an object disappearing from an area of interest, are violated. Users can set multiple rules per camera, outlining for each rule a discrete area of interest. Combining the features of the EVQ-1000 with VEW, security managers can see events in greater detail, access zoomed views of multiple security breaches simultaneously, and lower response times through improved threat verification. Electronic PTZ capability of the EVQ-1000 allows a person to be automatically tracked in a ZUP zone when a rule is violated, allowing for detailed monitoring and PTZ capability with a single camera system. The target can be tracked while not interrupting real-time analysis of all other security rules established for the full view of the HD Covi Camera.

Each CoVi EVQ-1000 supports up to three custom zoom views per camera plus simultaneous widescreen and Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom outputs. Security managers can pre-program surveillance tours utilizing as many as twenty presets to create automated tracking and monitoring of high-profile target areas. Each view can operate independently of the others, extending the flexibility and efficiency of the security video system. In addition the EVQ-1000's ultra-high dynamic range and advanced display contrast mapping technologies mean the system can perform equally well under poor or brightly lit conditions.

"By using the extra resolution and dual video outputs of the EVQ-1000, ObjectVideo solutions deliver detailed views of security breaches," said Alan Lipton, Chief Technology Officer of ObjectVideo. CoVi has leapfrogged the industry with a substantial improvement in video technology. Together, our technologies give customers a greater understanding of potential threats, providing the knowledge to take the proper course of action."

The combined power of CoVi and ObjectVideo technologies can improve a wide range of commercial and government surveillance applications, including homeland defense and critical infrastructure protection.

"We are committed to providing the most comprehensive and highest-value surveillance solutions to our commercial and government customers," said Stuart English, Vice President of Marketing, CoVi Technologies, Inc. "By teaming with ObjectVideo we are fulfilling this commitment with the provision of unprecedented tracking and alarming capabilities made even more powerful by integration with the high-definition images and maintenance free Electronic Pan-Tilt-Zoom functions of the CoVi EVQ-1000."

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