Color 4mm CCD Camera

The new PC-87 is the worlds smallest color CCD video security camera. If this camera were black and white, it would be considered tiny...but it is color, with amazing breakthrough performance. Built around a new digital signal processing chip using MCM PC board design, this camera will amaze you with its super compact size and sharp resolution of 350 lines. Low light sensitivity is 5.0 lux. Size is an amazing .86” high X 1.02” wide. Weight is only 1/3 ounce! Features include auto gain control, auto white balance and 1/60-1/80,000 stepless electronic auto shutter. When we demonstrate this camera in our showroom, we are greeted with stunned silence followed by a lot of “WOWs.” It is hard to believe that a camera this small can produce a high resolution color picture that sharp and clear. Even people familiar with this technology are amazed. The PC-87 is available with a 53 degree 3.8MM precision microlens or a 45 degree 4.6MM covert pinhole lens. Power requirements are 5 volts DC at 160 milliamps. Ask your sales representative about our ABS enclosures, compact battery holders, special power supplies and extension cables. Security Camera, Surveillance Camera

Comes with easy connection instructions, pre-installed plug and play video cables, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Panasonic chipset

  • 350 lines of resolution
  • 5.0 lux rating
  • Weighs less then an ounce
  • 45 degree field of view
  • 5 volts, 160 mA

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