Color 9 Camera DMR System

This system comes with everything you need to set up a complete, full featured 9 security camera video monitoring system. It even comes with a Sanyo 80 gigabyte
digital video recorder and multiplexer combo, to create a second by second record of all activities at your
store or office. These systems help you prevent shoplifting, uncover internal theft
and fraud, enhance safety and pinpoint security problems. All cameras can be
viewed together on the monitor, or each camera view can be shown full screen. Installation is
easy and we€™re always here to help.

Comes with easy connection instructions, everything listed above, and a one year warranty. Cameras come with a two year warranty. Multiplexer/DVR come with a 3 year warranty.
VSS31 color Sanyo system includes the following:

  • 9 PC-33C Color Video Cameras
  • 9 4MM, 6MM or 8MM C-Mount Lenses
    (Your choice- Mix or Match)
  • 9 12 Volt Power Supplies
  • 9 MB-16 Mounting Brackets With Extenders
  • 9 25, 50 or100 Foot BNC to NCVideo Cables (Your choice- Mix or Match)
  • 1 DSR3009H-80 Sanyo 80 Gig DVR/MUX
  • 1 20 Inch Color Monitor
  • 1 3 Foot Video Cable

  • San Ultra SD 2 Gb
  • Li Photo CR-V3
  • Noxon WirelessAudio
  • Li Photo CR2
  • Black-and-White Wireless Monitor
  • Color Varifocal Dome Camera
  • 80202 WINDOW ALERT alarm home security product
  • 80201 ENTRANCE ALERT home security product
  • Time Belt 200mm
  • Condenser Zoom Video Microphone
  • AX Series V2
  • Security Camera News