Color CCD Micro Camera
How do you make one of the worlds smallest CCD cameras even smaller? Separate the main processing board from the CCD head. This mini pinhole color CCTV snake video security camera head is a miniscule .45 X .45 X .75 and the processor board, located 10 down the cable, is only .275 thick X 1.15 square! Covert pinhole lens delivers a stunning 380 lines of resolution and stealthy low light rating of 0.2 lux, excellent for a color camera. Uses latest generation interline transfer 1/4 CCD with 510 X 492 pixels. 1/50 to 1/120,000 electronic shutter gives you great performance in nearly all lighting conditions. Runs on 12 volts DC and draws only 70 milliamps.30 day money-back satisfaction guaranty and a one year warranty.
  • Weatherproof Infrared Cam
  • Access Control Devices Burglar Shed Alarms
  • 120GB Hard Drive
  • Monochrome Camera Transmitter
  • Covert Color Camera Inside Non-functioning PIR Motion Detector Case
  • Color Exview C-Mount Video Camera
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  • SecuraView with Weatherproof Camera
  • PC Interfacing Using USB
  • Charger with Eight NiMH AA Batteries
  • Security Camera Industry Information