Color C-Mount Camera

Here is an incredible value in a high performance, high resolution color video security camera. The PC-29C gives you 480 lines of resolution at 3.0 lux for under $150.00! This camera is loaded with features...switchable auto backlight control, switchable automatic electronic shutter, iris output, Y/C outputs and more. 379,393 pixel 1/3 CCD provides near broadcast quality performance. This camera is excellent for medical imaging, microscopy, machine vision, process control, or anywhere you need a super high resolution, compact color video camera. Power requirement is 12 volts DC at 200 milliamps. Size is a very compact 2 X 2.54 X 2.57. Weighs only 10 ounces. C-mount lens and power supply not included. Comes with easy connection instructions, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

  • 480 lines of resolution
  • 3.0 low light ability
  • 2" x 2.54" x 2.57"
  • 1 year warranty/30 day MBG

  • 2Gb Compact Flash Card
  • Aluminum Weather-proof Housing with J Ceiling Mounting Bracket for Security Camera
  • 400 UPS Energy Protector
  • B&W Pinhole Camera Module with Audio
  • Map Universal Chrger
  • 14 inch B&W Security Monitor
  • 4 Channel Switcher
  • Ultra? II Memory Stick PRO? II Memory Stick PRO+#153; " src="/images/shared/cabl
  • Color Quad Splitter
  • Epson Picture Mate
  • 5.25 Mega Pixel Digital Camera with Optical Zoom
  • Security Camera Price