Color Covert USB Computer Speaker Camera
Many companies suffer from theft problems in their offices-- ranging from intellectual property theft to theft of memory chips from computers. The losses can be substantial. These computer speakers feature a unique covert pinhole video camera with a difference... the camera is 100% digital and plugs right into your computers USB port. You can record for many hours, limited only by available hard drive space. The video signal can be sent to the network room and recorded over a dedicated computer. Setting up a surveillance becomes a five minute job, instead of a lengthy after-hours task. USB requires no external power supply, so installation is fast and easy. Color resolution is 352 X 288, and field of view is 38 degrees. Records up 24 bit color. Included software requires Microsoft Windows 95 (4.00.950B or higher) or Windows 98, or Macintosh OS 8.0 or higher. Speakers are fully functional, with built-in amplifier.
Comes with speaker camera, second speaker, USB cable, software, instructions and a 90 day manufacturer's warranty.
*No external power required
Can record for many hours depending on harddrive space
Strategic 45 degree oblique angel of view
352 x 288 Resolution
38 degree field of view

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