Color Micro Lens Board Camera

These cameras combine stellar performance with the clever new ultra pinhole lens. This conical lens makes covert installations easy. The “point” of the lens can be butted right up to the concealment with no guesswork. The result is perfect alignment ever time with little chance for vignetting. Their tiny size of only 1.27” will allow you to install them virtually anywhere with ease. The PC199 series cameras deliver 380 lines of resolution and a 1.0 lux low light rating. The PC199 cameras come with pre-installed plug and play video/power cables, easy connection instructions, 1 year warranty and a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee.

Comes with easy connection instructions, plug and play video and power cables, 1 year warranty and 30 day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

1/4" Sony Super Grade color CCD

  • Sharp 380 lines of resolution
  • 1.0 low lux rating
  • Tiny 1.27" square
  • 78 field of view
  • 3.6MM lens
  • 12 volts DC at 140 mA
  • Includes plug and play cables

  • Color Day and Night Camera With IR LEDs
  • Switchmode Plug Top Notebook Adaptor
  • QuickCam Zoom
  • Professional dome cameras - for work or home
  • Black and white quad processor
  • Extra Color PIR Camera
  • 16-Channel Color Triplex Multiplexer with Built-in Matrix Switcher
  • 2.4GHz Wireless Day/Night ProCam System
  • Color Standard Resolution BNC Camera (1/3" CCD)
  • MiniCam
  • 2.4GHz Antenna
  • Cheap Security Camera